The Kids

The following is a letter from one of our previous residents:

13th Place,

I just want to tell you how much Thirteenth Place means to me. Mrs. Peggy my mom, is the best mother a daughter could ask for. When my sister and I moved in she took up with us like her own daughters. Even her own family, her sons especially. After, we moved out we still had contact with her. This past Thanksgiving and Christmas we were over at her house. Mr. Kevin my dad, treated us the same. He was a role model for all the kids. We were very involved in church. Mrs. Shayna Poo my aunt, was the best woman in the the world. I came to here for advice all the time. Mrs. Melissa my aunt, was the same way. She took us to the mall, work, and did everything with us. Mrs. Brandy my aunt, was the cool one, she understood us the most. Mr. Joe my pawpaw, he is the one that will walk me down the isle when I get married. When he got onto us it hurt me deeply. He hated to see us cry. Mr. Rodney my uncle, he could sing, cook, and clean. He loved to go shopping on Saturdays, he would tell us to get ready because he would take use to take pictures at the Falls. 13th Place is home and will always be my home. I will never forget this place. They have made me stronger. I always look back and wonder how my life would have been if they weren't there. I went to college, bought my first car, and had a great job. I always want 13th Place to be there because there are still more kids that need help and 13th Place is it.

Love Always,
Kenzy Campbell

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