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The program serves as a much needed home for up to four youth who are truly in need of a safe, home-like environment on a long term basis. It is vital for these youth to know they have a home until a foster home or relative placement can be secured or until they are of age to live independently. In addition to the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing, this is a home which, which various recreational, educational, and cultural opportunities are provided. Group counseling sessions which focus on promoting positive social skills are also taught in order to prepare the youth for transition into adulthood.

The focus of the residential program of Thirteenth Place, Inc. Youth and Family Services is successful transition and positive discharge, not compliance or control of residents and their behavior. It is impossible to "control" children; however, their "things" and "environment" can be controlled. Our staff's goal is to assist each resident in following house rules and utilizing positive reinforcement to achieve the desired outcome. To assist in achieving this goal, the "Easy CHild Encouragement System" is utilized which uses as its foundation a weekly Point Sheet and Privilege Level Chart. Desired behaviors can be customized or selected from predefined suggestions appropriate for each child's age. Each behavior is negative point value. By tracking and tallying points over the course of a week, the child earns a Privilege Level. This week's Points determine next weeks Privilege Level, rewarding the child with privileges they have earned. This clearly spelled out structure forms the core for behavior modification. When children know what the rules are and agree that they are fair, they begin to feel more secure and begin to "play by the rules".

To make a placement referral, simply call 256-547-8971 ext #10 and speak with the direct care staff on duty. You will be asked basic questions regarding the youth and his/her history. If it is determined this child is appropriate for our program you will be asked to fax the most recent psychological report or social summary, if available. It is understood that often you are working under time restraints and our goal is to give you a timely response to your referral request.

Please remember that Basic Residential Care is a congregate care setting which provides room, board and a basic array of services for a child with mild and/or occasional emotional and/or behavioral management problems. According to the guidelines set forth by State DHR, children eligible for basic residential care service facilities may be abused, neglected, or exploited and may exhibit behavioral and/or emotional problems, which range from acting out to withdrawal. Children in this level are basically in good health and should typically:

1. Have behavior which is under control and does not require constant adult supervision.
2. Have peer relations that are generally positive.
3. Be generally compliant with staff and respond favorable to nurturing, structured programs.
4. Not pose a safety risk to the community or other children in the facility.

Thank you for your interest in the programs of Thirteenth Place, Inc. and we look forward to the opportunity of fulfilling foster care placement needs for the Northeast Alabama area. If you have a child you would like to refer to Thirteenth Place, Inc. or if you would like to receive additional information regarding this program of services, we will be more than happy to comply and may be contacted at the address and/or phone numbers listed on our Contact Us page.

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